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What more could you want? Your own clothing piece is designed and together with friends or family you are admiring it? You notice that there is still something missing, namely clothing labels. Self-made woven labels are the finishing touch of your garment! A clothing label ensures that you give your clothing a unique and distinctive element.

It is very easy to design your own label. You do this primarily by means of the weave structure and the colour combinations! This way you can create a unique clothing label in which you can be read, for example, your name, the size, the name of the piece or simply an elegant logo.

Make your own clothing labels

For your unique clothing line, you can choose different clothing labels. You can go for woven labels, hang tags, care labels or other specific wishes. Woven labels have a top quality. This is due to the high-quality material from which this product is made. In addition, this will last as long as the life of the garment.

With hang tags you can easily make clear what the size and price of the product is. With this you make your clothing store ready. This provides a distinctive element for brand awareness.

By adding laundry tags to a garment, you can directly advise someone on how best to wash the garment. These instructions can be presented on a nice label.

Clothing labels by Super Label Store

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