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Team building is a procedure in which several workers are transformed into a coherent team. Team building activities are a set of tasks accomplished to impel or prompt the employees working around. As a result, cooperation and mutual collaboration are incorporated into the workplaces. Egg drop, talking in circles, escape rooms, three truths and a lie, and watch your steps are some popular team building activities that motivate employees by evolving stability and strength in them. Also, these activities help to address the team and individual weaknesses of employees.

As mentioned earlier, team building activities propel motivation among the employees, thus, giving gifts to the employees as Corporate gifts, and work anniversary gifts can also play a vital role in team building. Various ideas have been contrived for the best corporate gift ideas for the year 2021. The novel Coronavirus has made people aware of their health. Custom face masks, personalized yoga mats, sanitation kits, and home garden herbs are some popular examples. Receiving gifts from the companies make them feel valued and honoured that ultimately incite the workers of the company. These activities potentially boost team performance.

It has been noted that without team building activities the employees can not work as a team because they are unaware of each other’s skills, strengths, and weaknesses. Team building activities align group workers into rectified teams that are well organized and work concurrently to converge the requirements of their clients.

Team building activities conducted among the employees should not initiate competitive edges rather mutual collaboration should be considered a priority. This ultimately triggers an advantageous and peaceful work environment where employees understand their colleagues in a proficient manner. Consequently, workplace projects are accomplished soundly. Many team-building activities are designed to enhance the performance of employees as a team, important of which are accounted below: